Wednesday, May 4, 2011

Themes of Parvana's Journey

           The themes of Parvana's Journey were pretty basic once you found them and you can see them displayed through out the text.  Human rights is a given theme that has been explained in the pervious post so I'm not going to explain it now. The other BIG theme is your action and reaction is key to how things turn out. In many instences in the book Parvana face life or death chioces involving her self and ohters. Some examples are when Parvana finds Hassan could have left him there to mike journeying easier for her self but, she didn't. After that she man other pionts where she considered leaving him or Asif or Leila. Another time when the whole gang is traveling palnes start bombing the road the were traveling on. Liela runs out on the the road and starts yelling at the planes to stop bombing them (she is just a little girl; give her a break) but, Parvana being he heroin of the story swoops in and saves the day almost getting killed in the process. This sean in the book foreshadows what will happen later on. No, Parvana does not die if you are thinking that.  Other little themes like death, there is an abundance of it,and survival pop in and out of the book. This book doesn't go deep the main perpous is to tell what it is going on in Afghanistan through the eyes of the minority.  When viewed apon in that way the themes could be basic and the perpous is still fufilled.
           To make this post spicier i have a picture to go with the main theme, action and reaction:

 I like science. Which would explian the picture.

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